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Valet Parking
Unified Parking Service has been a leader in valet parking in Southern California for over 30 years. Read More
Film Production & Parking
Unified Parking Service operates lots throughout the city that are ideal for film shooting and crew parking. Read More
Rose Parade
The Rose Parade event is a specialty for Unified Parking Service. We are prepared to accommodate the parking situation that arises when one million people decide to take part in the parade. Read More
Public Parking Management
We have extensive expertise in profitability and customer satisfaction when it comes to parking. Learn more about how we can assist with your unique parking situation.

Read More
Old Pasadena
In Old Pasadena, Unified Parking Service provides “Universal Parking,” a practice where customers can drop their vehicle off at one location and pick it up at their final destination. Read More
Staple Center Parking
Our Staples Center parking facilities are equipped to accommodate party busses, limousines, or multiple vehicles parked next to each other so you can focus on the big game. Read More