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Parking complexes are designed to accommodate large volumes of vehicles typical of the Los Angeles area. Our friendly Valet Parking service is designed to meet your specific needs, whether it be supplying monthly parking, employee parking, long/short term parking or shuttle service, our parking attendants are fully trained in the areas of revenue control, traffic operator, customer service and event planning. In parking complexes where access, exit and payment are automated, UNIFIED PARKING SERVICE, is always sure to provide you with a 24 hour quality control supervisor which is at your disposal through our 800 number. All our parking complex facilities adhere to our mission statement: “Commitment to Quality Service”.

Other Valet Parking Operations: Ca

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    I just wanted to thank you for handling our parking last night for our event at the Belasco. Everything worked out perfectly with all three lots and we really appreciate your helping to make our event a success.
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    Unified Parking Service, Inc., has a well-organized operation, staffed with well-trained, neatly uniformed and courteous employees, who are continuously supervised by the area and operations management.
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    Unified's management has always conducted themselves in a professional and responsive manner. Unified's parking attendance are uniformed, courteous and well supervised.
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    Unified Parking Service, Inc., has been providing parking management at next to 117 E. Colorado Blvd. since November 1995. Their work is of the highest performance.