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About Us

UNIFIED PARKING SERVICE has been a part of the parking industry since 1978. The company’s main goal is to provide outstanding parking quality service at an affordable price. At UNIFIED PARKING SERVICE, we understand the success of our business is best understood when one realizes the importance of teamwork. Once this element is recognized , the parking service is delivered through the values of respect, honesty, loyalty, trust, integrity and tradition. UNIFIED PARKING SERVICE has evolved from the one contract, one-man operation to a multi-level contract/multi -level organization company that works harmoniously because as a family, we have a passion for what we do and what we do best is the “Commitment to Quality Service”.

The Unified Parking Difference:

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    I just wanted to thank you for handling our parking last night for our event at the Belasco. Everything worked out perfectly with all three lots and we really appreciate your helping to make our event a success.
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    Unified Parking Service, Inc., has a well-organized operation, staffed with well-trained, neatly uniformed and courteous employees, who are continuously supervised by the area and operations management.
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    Unified's management has always conducted themselves in a professional and responsive manner. Unified's parking attendance are uniformed, courteous and well supervised.
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    Unified Parking Service, Inc., has been providing parking management at next to 117 E. Colorado Blvd. since November 1995. Their work is of the highest performance.